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akamatsu tomoya

The primordial form, the form of once paradise. But now, the memory like embers in the ashes. Since who-knows-when, sensitivity to music that crystallizes inside me began to imply the existence of such smoldering memories of mine.

Like a reminiscence or a faint flash, it occasionally gives me a glimpse of the state where everything was one. Even if it is only a feeble reflection of the primordial light, being able to keep these reminiscences alive may be a literal event that could be called a miracle in the act of creation.

To the faraway place engraved in lives. In our way, in our current state of being, to reach that point once again. No matter how faint, hope is in the time that will soon come, and music is what truly leads humanity to a brighter place up until now and from now on. The first album, “arbores,” is an opus that describes these thoughts of mine.